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What is Eventlog?

Eventlog™, is Codlogic SEʼs advanced data management technology for events and public gatherings. It provides the solution to many problems associated with event attendeeʼs data management and offers highly detailed analytics to understand your visitors and market for future events. Eventlog™ is a flexible, user friendly platform that facilitates the collection, processing and analysis of attendee data.

Quick, Efficient and Convenient

Eventlog™ is the perfect solution for any serious event organiser, built with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event process. Eventlog enables planners to keep track of all guests and participants of any program with the system recording all data.

To make insightful decisions, event organisers need clean, accessible, processed data and the decisions made can only successfully lead to growth if the data driving those decisions is accurate, consistent, and complete.

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Effective Marketing Tool

Data has become an invaluable asset for event organisers; the ability to understand and predict consumer behaviour is often the difference between the success and failure of large events. Eventlog™ through its data collection and analysis is a very effective tool for successfully marketing future events. A better understanding of visitors and their interests makes marketing activities more targeted and far more effective.

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Data Insights

Accurate data management is essential and once data had been collated Eventlog™ presents users with a wide array of analytical tools that perform a comprehensive analysis of attendee data in graphical presentation formats such as charts and tables with relevant summaries to help guide the decision making process. Eventlog™ provides overall and time period specific insights on the industries of attendees, age ranges, gender etc. All data can be searched and presented in a number of graphical formats.

With so much of business to business marketing budgets being spent on customer events, Eventlog™ is specifically engineered to offer solutions that lead to improved business processes, increased efficiency and reduced costs while improving customer satisfaction.

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Track / Monitor / Analyse

Eventlog™ is a feature rich platform, allowing instantaneous access to data on who is visiting events and the demographics of each visitor. The system records and compiles the data for all attendees and encompasses all activities including registration, viewing guest profiles, registering guests, issuing tag numbers / ID cards and viewing attendee visit history in an easy to use interface.

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More Features

Effective Marketing Tool

Data Security

Categorise Event Attendees

Customise Collected Data

Some benefits of using Eventlog

Increase security at your event

Confidence in the integrity of your event site.

Easily categorise visitors to your event

Issue photo ID cards with the click of a mouse

Collect data in an easily accessible form

Easy to customise the data collected

Understand your customers better

Perform analysis on the event data with a variety of metrics

Graphical interface for data presentation

Create database of resources for marketing new events